Frequently Asked Questions

Our Honey

Honey can be considered RAW if it hasn’t been heated at a higher temperature than 50degrees. Since honey is only seasonal and crystallizes we do need to heat honey sometimes, but we heat it at temperatures lower than 50degrees with infra-red lights to keep all natural properties intact.

Crystalization is a natural process and all types of honey crystalize. It is a sign of purity. All honey does not take the same time to crystalize though. Where Acacia and Citrus Honey take a long time to crystalize, Fynbos and Canola Honey crystalizes in a much shorter time.

We source all the honey we use in our Honeysuckle Beauty Range from our own beekeeping business, Overberg Honey Co. To supplement our Specialty Honey Range we source honey from known and respected beekeepers from all over South Africa.

Order Issues

Please send us an email to info@honeysuckle.co.za. If you are missing an item from your order.We will send it to you as soon as possible and Honeysuckle will cover the courier cost.

Please report it to info@honeysuckle.co.za . If it needs to be exchanged costs will be covered by Honeysuckle.


Our priority is to send it within 3 working days after we receive payment. The delivery time depends on the package destination.

Yes, as soon as your package is picked up, we will send your tracking code via whatsapp or email. From there you can track it and please let us know as soon as you receive it.

As soon as payment is received, your order should be sent in the next 3 working days and a tracking code sent to you. If the package is late due to a problem with the courier company, we cannot take responsibility since it is out of our hands. But we will give full cooperation to see that you receive your package in the quickest possible time.

Returns & Refunds

If your product is faulty, you will be refunded and the item will be delivered to you on our expense.

If there is no problem with your product, but you would just like to exchange it for another product the delivery cost both ways is for your own pocket.

We will however only refund faulty products. If you think there is a problem with your product, you can send it back to us at Honeysuckle, 4Dorpsland Rd,Elgin Village, Elgin 7160. If there is indeed something wrong we will refund your courier cost and the cost of the faulty product or exchange the faulty product with the same or another product of the same value  and the courier cost back to you at our expense.